Them Mormons!
You racist Mormons, you!
What the heck is the Book of Mormon anyway?
Evidence supporting the Book of Mormon!
How did your church get started anyway?
What do you have to say about Polygamy?
Ha Ha, you can't drink caffeine!
You baptise DEAD people?
So, you think God has a body like me?
Whoa, you think you can be a God?
Isn't Mormonism a cult?
The Book of Mormon has been changed thousands of times
Your prophet said you can't change the ordinances, but you did.
You racist Mormons, you!
Didn't Joseph Smith make false prophecies?
What about the Kinderhook Plates?
Mountain Meadows Massacre?
From "Living Hope Ministries"
Miscellaneous Mormon Misconceptions
A little humor for you.
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Is it me or is everyone a little bit racist?

Many people like to place accusations on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that they are racist. Some say that Mormons don't like black people. Well, if that is true, then what about the famous black female singer Gladys Knight? She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and she even sang at current president of the church Gordon B. Hinckley's 95th birthday party! The truth is that faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arent' racist against blacks, or anyone for that matter. Well, they shouldn't be.

As you know people are cruel, vile, disgusting, angry, decietful, crude and just plain nasty. And when I say people I mean Mormons, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Satanists, Wiccans, Atheists, Scientologists, etc. We are human. That is what makes us human. We make mistakes, and we are held accountable for them. I have made racist comments before, and I am sorry for them. I repented, apologized, and went on with my life. I try my hardest to love all people regardless of race, sex, age, nationality, height, weight, intelligence, etc. Not every Mormon is faithful. Not every Protestant is faithful. Not all people are faithful. Just because I see a Baptist, or a Methodist, or a Presbyterian make a racist comment doesn't mean that their entire religion is racist. Therefore, if you see a Mormon make a racist comment, do not judge the whole church.
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Mormons, Blacks, and Racism

LDS Blacks

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