Them Mormons!
You baptise DEAD people?
What the heck is the Book of Mormon anyway?
Evidence supporting the Book of Mormon!
How did your church get started anyway?
What do you have to say about Polygamy?
Ha Ha, you can't drink caffeine!
You baptise DEAD people?
So, you think God has a body like me?
Whoa, you think you can be a God?
Isn't Mormonism a cult?
The Book of Mormon has been changed thousands of times
Your prophet said you can't change the ordinances, but you did.
You racist Mormons, you!
Didn't Joseph Smith make false prophecies?
What about the Kinderhook Plates?
Mountain Meadows Massacre?
From "Living Hope Ministries"
Miscellaneous Mormon Misconceptions
A little humor for you.
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Well, yeah but it's not what you think.

 If you have heard much "about" Mormons, chances are you have heard of Baptism for the dead. No, we do not baptise dead bodies. Let's say that you know of a person in another country. This person has never heard of Jesus Christ, the Bible, or Christianity as a term for that matter. But, you were very good friends with this person, and you never had a chance to teach them about the gospel. One day, you get a letter or message of some sort explaining that this person had died. That is the end of the line for him or her. You realize that when you die, and possibly go to heaven, you can never see that good friend again.

Or can you?

Baptism for the dead is the practice of baptising a living person on behalf of an individual who is dead; the living person is acting as the deceased person's proxy. The practice is referred to in The New Testament (1 Corinthians 15:29). Baptism for the dead was indeed practiced in some orthodox Christian circles and is indicated by the decisions of two late fourth century councils. The fourth canon of the Synod of Hippo, held in the year 393, declares, "The Eucharist shall not be given to dead bodies, nor baptism conferred upon them." The ruling was confirmed four years later in the sixth canon of the Third Council of Carthage, when they ceased doing baptism for the dead. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints believes that everyone regardless of wheter they had the chance on this earth life or not will have the chance to be baptised. The only thing is that if they are baptised by proxy, they still have the choice whether or not to accept it. We believe that baptism is on of the requirements to enter heaven (John 3:3-5)

Well, as funny as it looks, its also wrong!

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